So, the long-expected Special Prosecutor investigation has finally concluded, and his report is in the hands of the Attorney General. I’m content to wait for the report, or a summary/Reader’s Digest version, to be released, but I appear to be in the minority in that regard. That Mueller recommended no further indictments is being treated as a tell-tale or proxy for the report itself.

All over the press and social media, I’m witnessing displays of either woo-hoo, in-your-face football-spiking by Trump supporters, and teary-eyed sadness from the left-wing talking heads who’ve spent the last two years railing endlessly about collusion, obstruction, and shenanigans of every flavor imaginable.

The former is premature, given that we don’t yet know what the report actually says, but it is the latter that is of greater interest to me. I’ve witnessed chest-puff hyperbole every time Mueller indicted someone and every time some whiff of “they’ve got the goods, Trump is going down!” came out along the way, and it seems that they’ve already resigned themselves to a report that finds nothing with which to impeach the President in evidence.

A friend, in discussion about the media antics, put it into perspective:

My mind boggles considering the implications of a major US media figure crying that the president hasn’t been deemed a traitor.

That’s the truth of it. We should be happy that the man who has been our President for the past two years has not been found guilty of colluding with a foreign power to get elected, if indeed that’s the outcome of the Mueller investigation.

The alternative would be far, far worse, in terms of political turmoil, economic turmoil, and international destabilization. Beyond the shock to the nation that an impeachment effort would cause, consider what it would mean with regard to America’s relations with Russia, with Europe’s footing vs Russia and her aggressiveness. Consider the impact on the other side of the world, where we are engaged in a tenuous dance with a nuclear-obsessed dictator and an economically aggressive superpower. Consider the implications for what’s going on in the Middle East, where we have multiple entanglements and more variables than I can count.

All this is apparently of lesser importance to the desire that a bunch of progressive talking heads have to undo the results of the last election, to be proven right in their wild-eyed certitude that Trump could not have won but for dirty dealings with a foreign power, and that he is so loathsome that the chaos of forcibly removing him from office would be worth it.

From that perspective, can we consider their tears anything other than the self-absorption of egomaniacal narcissists?

If you hate Trump, your goals and efforts should be directed at voting him out of office next election – especially if the no-indictment tea leaves do indeed foretell no evidence of collusion. To cry over the accusations of treason not holding up is nothing more than selfish petulance.

Peter Venetoklis

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