Politico reported that members of the Democratic National Committee audibly groaned when word of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement broke. While the retirement was long-rumored, its coming to fruition at a moment that gives Trump and the GOP enough time to nominate and confirm a (presumably conservative) replacement is one of the Left’s worst nightmares. The Court, widely considered to be ideologically balanced left vs right, with Kennedy a “swing” vote, would shift conservative, presuming Trump’s nominee is cut from the same cloth as Neil Gorsuch, the first Justice he installed.

Leftists are caterwauling all over the news and the Internet, with one young earnest-o tweeting his literal tears. But, the bit that caught my eye was the New York Times statement in the attached screen cap.

It reminds me of a story and blog post from 2016, which noted the oddly wide and common use of the word “dark” to describe Trump’s nomination acceptance speech.

This, in turn, reminds me of an old adage:  Republicans think Democrats are stupid.  Democrats think Republicans are evil.

Light and Dark. Good and Evil. Democrat and Republican.

This is tendentious partisan politicking – each of us has friends from “the other side” that are neither stupid nor evil. We certainly believe they are wrong, but the rest? Why would we have them as friends?

Unfortunately, it’s also true for many young, earnest liberals, and it’s why the chasm between left and right seems so unbridgeable.

The Times, that arbiter of all things liberal and progressive, bears a lot of the weight for this chasm, because its chosen rhetoric scares and inflames, and does so in sneaky and subversive ways. The reality is that the Republic will survive the next Justice, no matter what your personal ideology and beliefs are. So calm down and cool it with the incendiary talk and the shade-throwing.

Peter Venetoklis

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