Those among you who fear a last-minute Hillary Clinton entry into the Democratic Primary, as the “sane” candidate who will save the party from its crazy-left lurch, take heart. Her recent bizarre rant about how Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian puppet has put those concerns to rest.

Clinton’s angry-harridan persona has been carefully curated by a sycophantic press corps for a very long time, but the ever-increasing access to everything makes it nigh-on impossible for flacks to fully manage a public image, especially that of someone who is still obviously engaged in a seething rage over being denied what was properly hers. Thus, we get snippets of truth from time to time, and that truth regarding Clinton should be deeply off-putting to all but the most blind loyalists.

Clinton has thrown herself out of the Democratic clown car. The gamblers have been posting her with better chances at the nomination than several prominent declared candidates (at the time of this writing, she was ahead of Yang, Gabbard, Harris, Klobuchar, Booker, O’Rourke, and Castro). I normally see the gamblers react first to news, and they didn’t react to this bizarre bit, but I think it’s a fatal error on Clinton’s part (if it can be called an error, rather than a delusion). Those who find the front-runners (Warren, Biden, Sanders) unelectable, and hope for a savior to enter late and rescue the party from another humiliation, will be scared away from Clinton by this bizarro moment. If she had a hope of resurrecting her chances at another elected office, it’s gone. This was her Howard Dean moment.

It’s still months to the Iowa Caucuses, and much can change. I’ve recently predicted that neither Warren nor Biden will get the nomination. Who will remains a crapshoot, but I’m even more confident, after this latest iteration of the Left’s Russia-obsession, it won’t be Herself.

Peter Venetoklis

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