A political friend shared this observation on social media this morning:

Group 1. Virus is not that serious open up and soon as possible and give us back our freedoms. The economy is dying.
Group 2. Virus is very serious and we need to keep everything locked down as long as possible regardless of the economic effects.
Group 3. Virus is very serious and the economic fall out is very serious too. We need to re open very carefully and strategically.

Groups 1 and 2 are making the most noise. The majority like me is in Group 3. #beingroup3

This sorting can be applied to just about every hot-button issue and topic of political disagreement today. Pundits tell us how hyper-polarized our society is and our debates are, but there’s a reality: the majority is almost always in Group 3.

Group 3 understands there are multiple variables, that there are points worth considering that go beyond a singular demand or one-dimensional view, that there is an alternative to “catastrophe vs hoax,” and that, being cognitive individuals with greater access to knowledge and information than at any other time in human history, giving heed to the complexities of a matter is the proper path.

Group 3 is not homogeneous or monolithic. There are many disagreements and disputes therein, especially in a matter that is rapidly evolving. Group 3 can even make noise and lots of it. But, Group 3 will invariably be drowned out in most modern forums (social media, talking-head news and opinion shows, etc) by Groups 1 and 2.

It’s easier to scream a sound-bite phrase than a detailed paragraph. It’s harder to scream a “bit of both” position. And, it’s nigh-on impossible to scream nuances.

So, we are bombarded by the extremists, and that bombardment might lead us to conclude that they are the majority. They’re not, and when we remember that, it’s easier to tune out the cacophony.

Oh, and “Screaming Nuance” is a great band name, that’s apparently unclaimed. I offer it to whomever wants it.

Peter Venetoklis

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