The two years since Trump’s election have done little to abate the bleating about the Electoral College, the Senate, the over-representation of smaller states in Congress, and other such folderol. Indeed, the newly-drunk-with-power House Democrats have introduced a bill to abolish the Electoral College. Given that the EC system is written into the Constitution, this bill has zero chance of success, and is thus simply a big ole virtue signal, meant to show a rabid but civically ignorant base that they’re “trying.”

We can laugh this off, we can offer rebuttals couched in history and culture… or we can take a page from the Left’s play book.

Saul Alinsky’s fourth Rule For Radicals reads:

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

“The enemy” in this case is the progressive movement that would undo the basic fabric of our Constitutional Republic in favor of some re-branded form of socialism, with them running the show and controlling all our lives down to the types of deodorant we buy. Their rule book is an ode to diversity, and we should make the diversity argument in response to their dislike of the EC and the power of individual states.

The Electoral College promotes diversity: of geography, of lifestyle, of needs, wants and priorities, of heritage, of history, of race and ethnicity, and of countless other identity markers. Certainly, diversity exists in every state, but each state has different proportions of the various identity groups the Left sorts us into, and it also has different proportions of the various political beliefs and inclinations that exist. Denying the “minority” states representation is no different than telling minority groups that the majority knows what’s good for them and will run their lives for them.

Of course, I’m spitting into the wind here. The EC haters only hate it because it didn’t put them in power. They don’t give a rat’s patootie about anything other than holding the keys to the kingdom. But, it might be fun to challenge the next person you see running down the EC with a “why are you opposed to diversity?” challenge, and see if it makes them squirm a bit.

Peter Venetoklis

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