The Mueller report, which some thought would end the “remove Trump” movement, one way or the other (haha, what naive fools we are!), has accomplished precisely nothing on that front. While none but the most slavering of the TDS hordes will continue to assert collusion with Russia, Mueller’s mushiness on obstruction has turned into “Trump absolutely, definitively, and without a shred of doubt obstructed, and he should be impeached for it!!” vehemence.

I continue to reserve my own opinion on the matter, because this saga has become almost entirely political (more on that soon), and because the actions being taken or that may be taken will all be based on political calculus.

Nancy Pelosi has, so far, resisted the demands to initiate impeachment proceedings. She’s a seasoned and skilled political player, and has probably done the calculus nineteen different ways and concluded that a – it won’t unseat Trump because the Senate is held by the GOP and there’s not enough meat to force enough “defections,” and b – failing to unseat Trump will backfire on them in the general election.

But, the slavering hordes aren’t being mollified by political calculus (show me a case of someone spittle-screaming in rage being calmed down by a complex poltical explanation), so Pelosi finds herself jammed up by the left flank.

So, Nancy figured out an angle.

I don’t want to see him impeached, I want to see him in prison.

In the Popeye cartoons, J. Wellington Wimpy, the fat, burger loving sad-sack, routinely sought others’ benevolence by avowing

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

This bit has ingrained itself in pop culture, because Wimpy never pays up. And, yet, as with Lucy and the football, the Charlie Browns continue to buy into promises of future reimbursement for present-day concessions.

Pelosi’s statement gives the TDS ragers an even better outcome than (an effort at) impeachment would: locking the despised Untethered Orange Id up, and making for a fall from grace that would give them orgasmic, priapistic turgidity. This is offering someone a prime steak next week instead of a disappointing, over-cooked, unswallowable burger (because the impeachment effort would end with a whimper) today.

This is how she gets the TDS voters to continue to back her party in the next election. This is how she keeps the base’s enthusiasm and rage up. Just as the Trumpkins chanted “Lock her up!” at every opportunity when Clinton was mentioned, the prospect of Trump wearing a jumpsuit that matches his spray tan will keep Pelosi and her triangulations in the good stead of the hard-left voters.

Of course, by saying this, Pelosi’s sticking a knife in any chance of working with Trump on legislation, but running the government is apparently of secondary importance.

Peter Venetoklis

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